Digital Strategy

USAID’s first-ever Digital Strategy charts an agency-wide approach to development in a rapidly evolving digital age. The Strategy seeks to achieve and sustain open, secure, and inclusive digital ecosystems that contribute to broad-based, measurable development and humanitarian assistance outcomes.

To help achieve this goal, USAID developed the Digital Ecosystem Framework, a practical structure that identifies the core and cross-cutting elements of a country's digital ecosystem and guides USAID's digital development work. The Framework is organized around three separate, overlapping pillars:

  • digital infrastructure and adoption;
  • digital society, rights, and governance; and
  • digital economy.

It also encompasses four cross-cutting topics: inclusion, cybersecurity, emerging technologies, and geopolitical positioning.

Digital Frontiers is implementing activities across all three pillars and supporting USAID to strengthen open, inclusive, and secure digital ecosystems around the world. Digital Frontiers buy-in activities have engaged USAID Missions around the world in the design and implementation of programs that support the Digital Strategy and the strengthening of digital ecosystems. Through our work, Digital Frontiers is making a concerted effort to help USAID seed Digital Strategy-aligned approaches throughout the Agency.