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Organizational Capacity Development Outcome Collection Report

The international development community has coalesced around an overarching objective to localize. USAID defines localization as “the set of internal reforms, actions, and behavior changes USAID is undertaking to ensure our work puts local actors in the le...

Gender Digital Divide Last-Mile Connectivity Digital Financial Services

Start Path Empodera Outcome Collection Slide Deck

Accompanying slide deck to the Start Path Empodera Outcome Collection Report...

Gender Digital Divide Digital Financial Services

ATLATL- A Trusted Technical Engagement: Spearheading Legislation for Timor-Leste's ICT Sector

With its strategic geographic position in the Indo-Pacific region, the small island nation Timor-Leste is primed for international investment and growth....

ICT Policy

Positive Friction for Responsible Digital Lending: A Call to Action

This report focuses on understanding the implications of frictionless design and explores how increased friction could benefit both lenders and borrowers. Our research finds that increased friction, when introduced strategically, can benefit consumers....

Digital Financial Services

Digital Finance in USAID's Agriculture and Food Security Programming

This briefing note provides an overview of emerging DFS operating models and delivery channels and their relevance to programming supported by USAID’s Bureau for Resilience and Food Security (RFS)....

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