Emerging Technology

Emerging technologies such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, cryptocurrency, and digital identification systems are becoming increasingly integrated into international development programming. These technologies provide opportunities for improving program efficiency, but they also present risks.

Through several activities, Digital Frontiers has worked with USAID to create practical guidance on the responsible use of these emerging technologies in the development context. The project is also supporting efforts to identify innovative and creative approaches to help decision-makers address actual and potential gender biases and inequitable outcomes resulting from AI technology.


Equitable AI Challenge / Equitable AI Community of Practice (COP)

Launched in 2021, the Equitable AI Challenge will identify and support approaches to increase the prevention, identification, transparency, monitoring, and accountability of AI systems and to address and minimize gender-inequitable outputs and gender-specific harms resulting from the use of these systems in the global development context. Learn more here.

USAID, in collaboration with Digital Frontiers and the Atlantic Council's GeoTech Center, led an Equitable AI Community of Practice (COP) to build collaboration among Equitable AI Challenge participants and the larger community interested in advancing gender equity in AI in development contexts. The Community of Practice consisted of webinars and communications tools to provide knowledge-sharing and mentoring resources to the broader AI community. The COP broadened awareness of the grant results and outcomes to contribute to a learning community seeking to mitigate bias in AI-related technologies in developing countries.

Equitable AI COP LinkedIn Group

Equitable AI COP Session Recordings

Equitable AI COP Newsletters

Digital Identity- How to Guide

Digital Frontiers developed this practical guide to help development practitioners, donors, and program managers start thinking about and creating digital ID systems for development.

Read here.

Digital Tools Research

Under this activity, Digital Frontiers supported a digital financial services provider in Colombia implementing an innovative model for making remittance and other payments using cryptocurrency.

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) - A Practical Guide

In collaboration with USAID, Digital Frontiers created this practical guide on responsible and inclusive design, strategic partnerships, adaptive management, sustainability, and the enabling environment for AI. The goal of this guide is to strengthen understanding of how these technologies can be appropriately applied, integrated, and managed for positive impact.

Read here.

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