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Feed the Future Bangladesh Digital Agriculture Activity Plantix Pilot End Line Assessment Report

The FTF Bangladesh Digital Agriculture Activity supported the pilot of the digital tool Plantix, a mobile crop advisory app for farmers, extension workers, and gardeners, that identifies issues associated with crop production and proposes solutions. The pi...

Digital Agriculture

Bangladesh Digital Agriculture Activity: Plantix Pilot Success Stories

The FTF Bangladesh Digital Agriculture Activity (BDAA) promotes the efficient and effective use of digital agriculture tools to build the capacity of value chain actors in Bangladesh. Over the course of 4-5 months in 2021, BDAA supported the pilot of the d...

Digital Agriculture

Agriculture and Climate Change: Call "Plantix- Your Crop Doctor" for Help

At the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26) Conference, President Biden announced an annual $3 billion Emergency Plan for Adaptation and Resilience (also known as PREPARE) aimed at supporting developing countries that are vulnerable to the...

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