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5 Ways to Implement Effective Cybersecurity Awareness Programs

Across several campaigns in Asia, implemented through the Digital Asia Accelerator (DAA) and the South Asia Regional Digital Initiative (SARDI), Digital Frontiers identified five best practices for those looking to increase cybersecurity awareness in their...


Realizing Inclusive Digital Development Through Boosting the Digital Skills of People Living with Disabilities

Twenty-five percent of the nearly 1 billion people living with disabilities around the world live at or below the poverty line. Unfortunately, these roughly 250 million people are more likely to face obstacles ranging from finding employment to outright di...

Gender Digital Divide Digital Literacy

Digital Asia Accelerator (DAA) Factsheet

DAA, an activity under the Digital Connectivity and Cybersecurity Partnership, aims to advance economic development by increasing business’ and citizens’ capacities to use digital technology safely and effectively across Southeast Asia....

Gender Digital Divide Digital Literacy Cybersecurity Last-Mile Connectivity
Fact Sheet

5 Secret Sauces for Your Next Digital Safety Campaign: Insights from Thailand

In a previous blog on Five Fresh Tips to Make Digital Safety Cool Again: A Case Study from Thailand, we discussed lessons learned from implementing the ‘Wai Kid Digital’ Challenge, a series of virtual training bootcamps with university students on digital...


Five Fresh Tips to Make Digital Safety Cool Again: A Case Study from Thailand

Southeast Asia is one of the world’s fastest-growing regions for digital connectivity. Thai people, for example, spend on average nine hours a day using the internet on their mobile phones. That’s the second highest in the world! And 95 percent of all Thai...

Digital Literacy Cybersecurity