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Informe Sobre La Evaluación del Sistema Digital (DECA) Colombia

En ciertos aspectos, Colombia es un microcosmos del mundo digital de 2020: centros urbanos altamente conectados con una creciente industria tecnológica, y vastas zonas rurales desatendidas con una inmensa necesidad de inversión y potencial para la innovaci...

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Digital Agriculture Ecosystem Assessment: Colombia

Colombia has emerged as a leading worldwide agricultural producer. It has a varied terrain that includes tropical forests, grassland plains, and mountainous regions that makes the landscape suitable for a wide array of tropical and temperate-weather crops,...

Digital Agriculture

USAID/Microsoft Airband Initiative: Anditel Factsheet

Anditel is a Colombian telecommunications company. Through the USAID/Microsoft Airband Initiative, Anditel has developed and implemented digital centers in community and women’s associations buildings that provide high-speed reliable Internet service and d...

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Fact Sheet

USAID and Mastercard’s Business Accelerator for Women Tech Entrepreneurs in Latin America

“I don’t sign contracts with women,” retorted one businessman when entrepreneur Verónica Crisafulli presented him with a potential business opportunity. Even as an established and successful businesswoman, the co-founder and CEO of MO Technologies, Verónic...

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