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Opportunities to Foster Digital Financial Services Market Development in Guatemala

Despite its rich culture and economic standing in the region, Guatemala has high social inequity, including a poverty rate of 52.4 percent, which has been further exacerbated by factors such as climate change and COVID-19-induced economic shocks....

Digital Financial Services

USAID/Microsoft Airband Initiative: New Sun Road Factsheet

New Sun Road is a public benefit corporation that specializes in solar power systems and bringing Internet access to under-served communities. Through the USAID/Microsoft Airband Initiative, New Sun Road developed solar-powered digital community centers an...

Gender Digital Divide
Fact Sheet

Gaining Connection & Connectivity: Women Leaders Share Five Ways Digital Centers Impact Their Rural Communities in Guatemala

Dulce Alejandra Tello sometimes felt isolated in her rural community near Coban, Guatemala and was always craving connection—and connectivity. When renewable energy company New Sun Road opened one of its Stellar Ixq-Saq'e Digital Community Centers (SIS Cen...

Gender Digital Divide

Bridging the gender digital divide for Guatemalan Indigenous women

“I do not understand how [Internet] coverage works, but I do know that I want this project in our community,” said Nadia Macz Sel, a representative from a savings and entrepreneurship program in Guatemala....

Gender Digital Divide