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Digital Technologies Improve Water Access Efficiencies in Kenya

Led by Millennium Water Alliance, the Kenya Resilient Arid Lands Partnership for Integrated Development (RAPID) is a five-year USAID program that increases communities’ access to water services in northern Kenya....

Digital Agriculture
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Using a Digital Game to Strengthen the Design and Update of Pastoralist Index Insurance

The Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Markets, Risk, and Resilience (MRR Lab) developed an experimental, digitized game to try to make the value proposition for insurance more relatable to pastoralists....

Digital Agriculture
Fact Sheet

Kenya Digital Ecosystem Country Assessment

Kenya hosts a dynamic digital ecosystem and has been a longstanding leader in technology innovation across sub-Saharan Africa. The country’s digital ecosystem continues to rapidly evolve. In upcoming years, Kenya’s information and communications technology...

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WCC Steps to Success Series: Cultivating Confidence in Women (May 20th, 2021) Webinar

In many developing countries, ingrained traditional gender roles lead women and men to believe that women are unable or not smart enough to use technology, enforcing a gender digital divide and lack of confidence. Targeted programs have helped women increa...

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