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Mali Digital Agriculture Assessment (FR)

Development Gateway (DG) et Athena Infonomics ont effectué une évaluation de l’écosystème agricole numérique au Mali, entre septembre 2021 et janvier 2022, suivant la méthodologie Country Assessment Landscape Methodology (CALM) de DG....

Digital Agriculture

Mali Digital Agriculture Assessment (EN)

Development Gateway (DG) and Athena Infonomics conducted an assessment of the digital agricultural ecosystem in Mali between September 2021 and January 2022. The assessment was conducted using DG’s Custom Assessment Landscape Methodology (CALM.)...

Digital Agriculture

Mali Health Factsheet

In the peri-urban communities of Sabalibougou in Bamako, Mali, many women are illiterate, mainly as a consequence of socio-economic norms. They also predominantly communicate in Bambara, a local language. Because of the lack of native language diversity on...

Gender Digital Divide
Fact Sheet