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Digital Ecosystem Fund Activities 2020 Factsheet

The Digital Ecosystem Fund (DEF) is an initiative under USAID’s Digital Strategy that equips the Agency’s Operating Units with catalytic financing to design and implement activities that foster open, inclusive, and secure digital ecosystems....

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Fact Sheet

Cybersecurity Awareness for MSMEs in Bangladesh Final Report

Under USAID's South Asian Regional Digital Initiative (SARDI), the Cybersecurity Awareness Campaign for MSMEs aims to enhance the cybersecurity practices of Bangladeshi MSME owners and improve their personal and business-related digital hygiene....

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Inspira Advisory and Consulting Outcome Collection Slide Deck

Accompanying slide deck to the Inspira Advisory and Consulting Outcome Collection Report...

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ATLATL- A Trusted Technical Engagement: Spearheading Legislation for Timor-Leste's ICT Sector

With its strategic geographic position in the Indo-Pacific region, the small island nation Timor-Leste is primed for international investment and growth. Catalyzing such growth opportunities requires the presence of a strong ICT sector....

ICT Policy

Inspira Advisory and Consulting Outcome Collection Report

In 2022, the Bangladeshi government launched Bangladesh Vision 2041 a strategy for the country’s digitization, designed to propel Bangladesh towards its goal of becoming a high income country by 2041....

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