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Rethinking the Digital Shift for Weavers and Handloom Collectives: Opportunities and Challenges in India's Handloom Sector

India sits at the cusp of a creativity and culture-led manufacturing revolution. A significant player in this is the nation’s vast and diverse handloom sector that offers a ready foundation to build the future of sustainable textile value-chains....

Gender Digital Divide Emerging Technology

Formalization of Nano Enterprises through Digital Platforms: Potential and Challenges

India’s Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs), spanning over trade, manufacturing, and service sectors, contribute significantly to both the domestic market and the country’s export landscape....

Gender Digital Divide Digital Financial Services

SARDI SME Digital Transformation & Upskilling Activity - Sri Lanka

Inspira and IIDT conducted this assessment between January-April 2024. The primary goal of the study was to measure digital tool adoption among Sri Lankan MSMEs and understand their needs for capacity building....

Digital Literacy Cybersecurity

SARDI - Propelling Cybersecurity Resilience and Digital Safety for Bangladeshi Businesses

As many Bangladeshi business owners navigate a rapidly evolving digital world, MSMEs’ vulnerability to virtual attacks not only drains resources from the nation’s economy but also endangers the lives of individual citizens....


Organizational Capacity Development Outcome Collection Report

The international development community has coalesced around an overarching objective to localize. USAID defines localization as “the set of internal reforms, actions, and behavior changes USAID is undertaking to ensure our work puts local actors in the le...

Gender Digital Divide Last-Mile Connectivity Digital Financial Services