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5 Ways to Implement Effective Cybersecurity Awareness Programs

Across several campaigns in Asia, implemented through the Digital Asia Accelerator (DAA) and the South Asia Regional Digital Initiative (SARDI), Digital Frontiers identified five best practices for those looking to increase cybersecurity awareness in their...


Nepal's Digital Ecosystem: Stakeholders' Consultation and Analysis

This study aims to support Digital Frontiers/South Asia Regional Digital Initiative (SARDI) in their ongoing stakeholder analysis and outreach in Nepal’s digital landscape....

Last-Mile Connectivity Emerging Technology

In Case You Missed It: Decoding Cybersecurity for MSMEs

This business just became a victim of ransomware—a debilitating cyberattack that can shut down entire companies and result in enormous financial losses. How do we protect businesses from experiencing these forms of attacks?...


Investing in the Digital Ecosystem

How can USAID counter digital repression and authoritarianism in Sub Saharan Africa?...