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Serbia Digital Ecosystem Country Assessment

The Digital Ecosystem Country Assessment (DECA), a flagship initiative of the Digital Strategy, informs the development, design, and implementation of USAID’s strategies, projects, and activities. The DECA looks at three pillars of a nation’s digital ecosy...

Cybersecurity ICT Policy

Staying Safe Online Amid COVID-19

How USAID can strengthen cyber security awareness across our partner countries...


Kenya Digital Ecosystem Country Assessment

Kenya hosts a dynamic digital ecosystem and has been a longstanding leader in technology innovation across sub-Saharan Africa. The country’s digital ecosystem continues to rapidly evolve. In upcoming years, Kenya’s information and communications technology...

Gender Digital Divide Cybersecurity Digital Financial Services

Digital Ecosystem Framework

USAID’s new Digital Ecosystem Framework offers a practical structure that defines the core and cross-cutting elements of a country’s digital ecosystem. This Framework provides a way to understand a country’s digital operating environment and inform the des...

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