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USAID/Microsoft Airband Initiative

Launched in August 2020, the USAID/Microsoft Airband Initiative is a collaboration between Microsoft Corporation‘s Airband Initiative and the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID)....

Gender Digital Divide

WomenConnect Challenge - Nivi Fact Sheet

Providing More Accessible Healthcare for Women...

Gender Digital Divide
Fact Sheet

Bridging the Gender Digital Divide: Four Approaches to Bringing Women Online From the USAID/Microsoft Airband Initiative

Globally, women are 18 percent less likely than men to own a smartphone. This statistic illustrates— particularly in low-income, rural households— the ‘gender digital divide’ where women are less likely to be connected to the Internet and have access to im...

Gender Digital Divide

Briefing Paper: Cybersecurity and Voter Registration

This briefing paper was prepared by the International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES) Center for Applied Research & Learning in consultation with DAI and USAID’s Center for Democracy, Human Rights and Governance (DRG Center)....


Inclusively Advancing Agri-Food Systems through AI and Automation

Can AI inclusively advance agri-food systems?...

Digital Agriculture