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E-Commerce Marketplaces

E-commerce marketplaces are digitally enabled platforms that connect multiple buyers and sellers, allowing buyers to search for products and purchase them online....

Digital Financial Services

Expanding Mobile Phone Access and Ownership

During the pandemic, mobile phones emerged as a critical tool in helping agriculture market actors respond to market disruptions. Unfortunately, many market actors still do not own mobile phones for a variety of reasons....

Digital Agriculture

New USAID Cybersecurity Primer for Digital Development Programs

The USAID Cybersecurity Primer introduces the concept of cybersecurity as a development challenge, presents opportunities to integrate cybersecurity in programming, and highlights cyber threat trends by sector. The Primer is intended to increase awareness...


Digital Technology and Resilience Fact Sheet

Digital Agriculture Digital Financial Services Emerging Technology
Fact Sheet

Digital Technology and Agriculture Led Growth Fact Sheet

Gender Digital Divide Digital Literacy Digital Financial Services Emerging Technology Digital Agriculture
Fact Sheet