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India MSME Tech Policy Fellowship Program: Synthesis Report

Recognizing the evolving digital ecosystem in India and its potential to transform micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs), USAID initiated the South Asia Regional Digital Initiative (SARDI) India MSME Tech Policy Fellowship program....

Gender Digital Divide Digital Literacy

SARDI SME Digital Transformation & Upskilling Activity - Sri Lanka

Inspira and IIDT conducted this assessment between January-April 2024. The primary goal of the study was to measure digital tool adoption among Sri Lankan MSMEs and understand their needs for capacity building....

Cybersecurity Digital Literacy

M-KOPA - Empowering Women: How an African Fintech Platform Championed Female Sales Initiatives

By bringing mobile and Internet access to women, technology companies can expand their customer base and promote diversity and inclusion in their workforce, ultimately improving business performance. But to effectively engage more women, barriers such as a...

Gender Digital Divide Digital Literacy Last-Mile Connectivity Digital Financial Services

Digital Ecosystem Country Assessment (DECA): Conflict and Violence Addendum

The rapid development and adoption of digital technology are transforming industries, governments, economies, and societies. The global—although unequal—proliferation of digital technologies effectively means that digital systems are becoming more inherent...

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