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Checklist for Artificial Intelligence Deployment

The Checklist for Artificial Intelligence (AI) Deployment is a tool for policymakers and technical teams preparing to deploy or already deploying AI systems....

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Artificial Intelligence Ethics Guide

The Artificial Intelligence (AI) Ethics Guide presents a broad overview of what AI is, the ethical concerns it creates, and how they can be addressed at national, sub-national, and municipal levels....

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How USAID, Local Government, and the Private Sector Mitigated AI Gender Bias in One of Mexico’s Leading Education Pilots

With a grant from USAID’s Equitable AI Challenge, a consortium of partners turned to innovation to identify and mitigate gender-inequitable outcomes within this complex, wide-reaching, and influential education tool....

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Nepal's Digital Ecosystem: Stakeholders' Consultation and Analysis

This study aims to support Digital Frontiers/South Asia Regional Digital Initiative (SARDI) in their ongoing stakeholder analysis and outreach in Nepal’s digital landscape....

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