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Solidaridad Fact Sheet

Digital Inclusion & Financial Empowerment for Female Dairy Farmers in Bangladesh...

Gender Digital Divide Digital Literacy
Fact Sheet

United Purpose Fact Sheet

Promoting Women’s Agricultural Entrepreneurship in Senegal through Financial Literacy Training and Access to Credit and Banking Services...

Gender Digital Divide Digital Literacy
Fact Sheet

Introducing “Her Business, Her Future”: An Open Source Training Program for Women Micro-Entrepreneurs

Running a small business is hard. For many women around the world, owning or running a small shop that sells goods offers a pathway to greater economic security, resilience, and level of control over their future....

Gender Digital Divide Digital Literacy Digital Financial Services

How Five Awardees Are Paving the Way for a More Equitable AI-Powered Future

Artificial intelligence (AI) tools are a dual-edged sword: they promise tremendous benefits for international development, but have also demonstrated instances of bias and harm, often resulting from inequitable design, use, and impact...

Gender Digital Divide Emerging Technology