Bangladesh Digital Agriculture Assessment

Date published: June 1, 2020

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Executive Summary

As digital solutions for agriculture continue to grow around the world, a landscape teeming with numerous actors and tools has emerged in Bangladesh. Feed the Future commissioned this study as a follow-on to a 2018 assessment in order to deepen and update its understanding of the country’s digital agriculture landscape. Under the Digital Frontiers Activity, Strategic Impact Advisors conducted this assessment in March through May of 2020. The report contains the findings of remote consultations with 37 institutional actors in Bangladesh’s agriculture technology (agtech) sector and 16 digital tool users – including farmers, livestock service providers, and extension workers.

A database of 43 active digital tools identified by the assessment was provided to Feed the Future under this report. A modified version1 of 31 active tools is attached to this public version (see Annex 1), allowing the user to search tools by a number of characteristics. Almost all of the tools were developed in Bangladesh.

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