Feed The Future Bangladesh Digital Agriculture Activity Shufola Pilot End Line Assessment Report

Date published: March 1, 2023

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The FTF Bangladesh Digital Agriculture Activity (BDAA), in partnership with Prantojon Agro Enterprise (PAE) and mPower Social Enterprises Ltd. (mPower), rolled out a pilot to determine the effectiveness and efficacy of the digital tool, SHUFOLA, an agricultural weather-based advisory service tool developed by mPower Social Enterprises Ltd. that offers information on crop management practices. Under this pilot, PAE, in partnership with BDAA, selected 500 participants from two sub-districts of the Barishal district who were actively engaged in mung bean cultivation. BDAA created a Shufola Endline Report in order to understand the effectiveness and usability of the SHUFOLA app as a weather-based advisory tool, understand the cost-effectiveness of SHUFOLA for PAE, and gather recommendations for SHUFOLA, especially regarding the process of deployment. 114 of the 500 participants were queried for this assessment, and summary findings from the pilot and recommendations are outlined therein.

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