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Training-Workshop report on Digital Agriculture Tool – Plantix

The FTF Bangladesh Digital Agriculture Activity, a Digital Frontiers’ Buy-in funded by USAID, partnered with the FTF Bangladesh Nutrition Activity (BNA) to conduct a pilot of the app, Plantix....

Digital Agriculture

Lessons Learned in Bangladesh: Engaging Women in Digital Agriculture Tools

The role of women in agriculture is crucial, especially in countries like Bangladesh they make up almost half of the sector’s labor force. However, women often have limited access to resources and assets that could improve their livelihoods, including info...

Digital Agriculture

Feed The Future Bangladesh Digital Agriculture Activity Shufola Pilot End Line Assessment Report

The FTF Bangladesh Digital Agriculture Activity (BDAA), in partnership with Prantojon Agro Enterprise (PAE) and mPower Social Enterprises Ltd. (mPower), rolled out a pilot to determine the effectiveness and efficacy of the digital tool, SHUFOLA, an agricul...

Digital Agriculture

Plantix- A Mobile-Based Crop Advisory Application

Learnings from piloting Plantix with farmers & agri. inputs retailer....

Digital Agriculture
Fact Sheet

Digital Insights on Agriculture in Bangladesh

The Bangladesh Digital Agriculture Activity collaborated with subcontracting partner ResInt Bangladesh to conduct a study shedding light on the existing level of digital literacy, technology choices, usage habits, and digital lives of agricultural value ch...

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