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Digital Ecosystem Country Assessment (DECA) Toolkit

The DECA Toolkit is a step-by-step guide designed to help USAID Mission staff hire and manage a research team to independently conduct high-quality research. DECA findings and recommendations will directly inform Mission decision-making about digital devel...

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Digital Ecosystem Country Assessment Factsheet

USAID’s Digital Strategy charts an Agency-wide approach to development in a rapidly evolving digital age and seeks to achieve and sustain open, secure, and inclusive digital ecosystems that contribute to broad-based, measurable development and humanitarian...

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Fact Sheet

Serbia Digital Ecosystem Country Assessment

The Digital Ecosystem Country Assessment (DECA), a flagship initiative of the Digital Strategy, informs the development, design, and implementation of USAID’s strategies, projects, and activities. The DECA looks at three pillars of a nation’s digital ecosy...

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Kenya Digital Ecosystem Country Assessment

Kenya hosts a dynamic digital ecosystem and has been a longstanding leader in technology innovation across sub-Saharan Africa. The country’s digital ecosystem continues to rapidly evolve. In upcoming years, Kenya’s information and communications technology...

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