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USAID and Mastercard’s Business Accelerator for Women Tech Entrepreneurs in Latin America

“I don’t sign contracts with women,” retorted one businessman when entrepreneur Verónica Crisafulli presented him with a potential business opportunity. Even as an established and successful businesswoman, the co-founder and CEO of MO Technologies, Verónic...

Gender Digital Divide Digital Financial Services

Strengthening Water Utilities Management in Haiti Through Digital Platforms

Haiti’s decentralized water utilities across the country are intended to operate as self-reliant business units. However, an absence of information management has hindered efficient operations and revenue collection....

Digital Agriculture
Fact Sheet

Honduras Digital Agriculture Assessment

This Assessment supports USAID/Honduras establish a stronger understanding of the digital agricultural landscape in Honduras....

Digital Agriculture Gender Digital Divide Digital Literacy Digital Financial Services Emerging Technology

Haiti Digital Agriculture Assessment

This Assessment supports USAID/Haiti in better understanding the country’s digital agriculture landscape to inform its current and forthcoming Feed the Future activities....

Digital Agriculture

Bridging the gender digital divide for Guatemalan Indigenous women

“I do not understand how [Internet] coverage works, but I do know that I want this project in our community,” said Nadia Macz Sel, a representative from a savings and entrepreneurship program in Guatemala....

Gender Digital Divide