In Nigeria, millions of women are prohibited from using the iInternet or smartphones due to gender stereotypes and religious beliefs, contributing to gender inequality and exacerbating poverty.

Equal Access International, with a grant from the WomenConnect Challenge, USAID’s global call to close the digital gender divide, launched the #Tech4Families program to combat negative norms and promote social and religious justifications for women’s use of the internet.

Driven by cultural taboos and negative gender norms, the majority of Muslim men in Northern Nigeria do not approve of their wives or daughters being online due to the “immoral temptations” of the internet. By adopting a whole family approach, the program was able to connect with multiple members of the family—including fathers who are often the decision-makers and heads of household—to help change the narrative around internet usage. The program highlighted the use of the internet for education and entrepreneurship opportunities, topics traditionally viewed as more morally appropriate for Muslim women.