Gram Vaani Factsheet

Date published: March 1, 2021

Thematic Area



In Bihar, India, Mahadalit women are regarded as the poorest, lowest caste. These women are isolated due to cultural barriers, social norms, and rural location; they also face a high risk of rape and sexual harassment by members of upper castes. They are often deprived of social benefits and entitlements, ignored by the mainstream population due to a caste-discriminative mindset. These women therefore lack opportunities, often entering the workforce at a young age in order to meet their basic needs or leaving school after the 5th grade to marry young.

Through a WomenConnect Challenge grant, USAID’s global call to close the gender digital divide, Gram Vaani created a new, free voice-based media platform called Meri Awaaz Meri Pehchan (My Voice My Identity) to help create a space for women’s interaction and education.

As many men were already familiar with Gram Vaani’s well-known interactive community media platform Mobile Vaani, they felt comfortable allowing their wives to access educational content on Meri Awaaz Meri Pehchan.

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