This study aims to support Digital Frontiers/South Asia Regional Digital Initiative (SARDI) in their ongoing stakeholder analysis and outreach in Nepal’s digital landscape. SARDI works to improve digital connectivity in the South Asia region, and to strengthen the private sector’s participation in digital policy debates to enhance the enabling environment for a digital economy that supports the region’s inclusive economic development. More specifically, this study aims to update a Nepal Stakeholders’ Analysis that SARDI conducted in 2020 and to inform new activities starting under the USAID/Nepal Mission.

This study reviewed the 2020 Stakeholders’ Analysis, the Trade and Competitiveness Activity program description, SARDI’s Nepal scoping study from 2021, and other documents as deemed relevant by SARDI and USAID Nepal. The review focused on gaps and updates that make this Nepal Digital Ecosystems Stakeholders’ Analysis more current. More specifically, this Stakeholders’ Analysis update is significant because of a number of key developments since the 2020 study.