USAID/Microsoft Airband Initiative: AirJaldi Factsheet

Date published: March 14, 2023

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In South Asia, the gender disparity in mobile phone ownership stands at 28 percent and a staggering 58 percent for mobile Internet use. In India, this lack of connection is worse for women living in rural and semi-rural areas. For these women, barriers to mobile ownership and Internet use include not only a lack of physical access and affordability, but also low awareness of technology’s benefits, lower digital literacy skills, and safety and security concerns.

With these barriers in mind, the USAID/Microsoft Airband Initiative is working with India-based Internet service provider AirJaldi to increase the number of women with fast, reliable, and meaningful Internet connectivity, ultimately contributing to their social, economic, and individual well-being. AirJaldi is working in the rural and semi-rural Indian states of Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Jharkhand, Bihar, Maharashtra, and Madhya Pradesh, providing women with subsidized Internet connectivity packages, technical support, and training on Internet usage and related content.

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