The first reported death due to a cybersecurity breach was in September 2020, when a ransomware attack prevented a patient in Germany from getting medical help in time to save her life. Cyber attacks are on the rise globally, and our partner nations are particularly vulnerable. For example, Ukraine’s first known cyber attack on a power grid led to 225,000 people losing power during the depths of winter in December 2015. An even larger cyber attack in 2017 affected the radiation monitoring system at the Chernobyl nuclear plant, as well as ATM infrastructure, airport computers, and other vital online systems. Voter registration data has been leaked in countries ranging from the Philippines to Mexico. More recently, hackers in Georgia published sensitive documents about COVID-19 management alongside deliberately falsified versions meant to mislead the public. These examples demonstrate how cybersecurity failures pose material threats to critical USAID partner countries and undermine partner country government legitimacy in the public eye.