Solidaridad Fact Sheet

Date published: Jan. 2, 2023

Eighty-seven percent of women in rural Bangladesh have never used the Internet, making it one of the least connected geographic areas globally. Restrictive patriarchal norms greatly hinder women’s access to the Internet, affecting their livelihoods and socioeconomic opportunities. Female dairy farmers in Bangladesh have limited time and access to training or technical assistance to adopt better farm management practices. They milk the family cows and collect milk for the market, but the men often take the product to collection centers and keep the cash proceeds. USAID’s WomenConnect Challenge (WCC) awarded a grant to Solidaridad, an international civil society organization, to create a mobile phone application that directly pays women through mobile money for the goods they produce. The application also provides on-demand technical assistance through an interactive voice response system, thereby increasing transparency, promoting women’s economic empowerment, and helping to close the gender digital divide.

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