MSMEs Going Digital in Cambodia- Addressing Skills Demand During COVID-19

Date published: Jan. 5, 2022

As connectivity grows, digital technologies are transforming the Indo-Pacific region. The Southeast Asia region grew from 360 million internet users in 2019 to 400 million in 2020. In Cambodia alone, the Telecommunications Regulator reported a 7% increase in mobile internet subscriptions between 2019 and early 2021 and the number of registered mobile money accounts skyrocketed from 46% in 2019 to 83% in 2020. Despite this digital boom, many of Southeast Asia’s economies have suffered tremendous economic losses since the outbreak of COVID-19, and Micro, Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (MSMEs) were some of the hardest hit due to lack of cash flow, diminished demand for certain non-digital services, and changes to the way they deliver goods and market services. Given these challenges, businesses rapidly adapted to use digital tools, often without specific guidance or with awareness of digital security threats. To address this knowledge gap, the USAID-funded Digital Asia Accelerator is working with partners across Southeast Asia and Mongolia to listen to MSMEs and design and deliver digital upskilling intervention that work for them. Across the region, DAA funds an innovative portfolio of partners who work directly with MSMEs to provide targeted digital upskilling and cybersecurity support so MSMEs can manage their businesses more effectively using digital tools and stay safe online.

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